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4 Very Compelling Reasons to Adopt – Not Buy – Your Next Pet

Breeders and pet shops have long been the standard for acquiring new pets when we want to grow our families with an animal companion. Many people, even in this day and age of information, remain unaware of the benefits of adopting pets instead of going through these common avenues. We’re here to illustrate several of the many compelling reasons to adopt instead of shop around for a new furry, feathery or scaly pet.

You Save a Life

Unfortunately, many of the animal shelters in operation today are shelters that will euthanize animals to make room for new additions. Adopting from a shelter with a high kill-rate (or any kill-rate) saves the lives of animals outright. Even in the case of no-kill shelters, you can adopt an animal that would have otherwise spent his or her remaining days in the shelter. Not only does adopting from shelters save the lives of animals, but it also helps to preserve the quality of the life they have left.

You Combat Against Pet Overpopulation

You’ve heard the phrase, “Spay and neuter your pets,” right? Despite how commonly this phrase is touted, many people don’t adhere to it in practice. Millions of cats and dogs are euthanized each year, and overpopulation is in no small part to blame for that fact.

Breeders and pet shops contribute to this by encouraging the reproduction of animals, so the sensible thing is to adopt from a shelter if overpopulation is a worry of yours.

You Take a Stand Against Mass Breeding

Backyard breeders and mass-breeding facilities are responsible for many issues that common pet animals face all the time. In unscrupulous breeding operations (and even some breeding operations/breeders with a great reputation) mother pets are often confined and forced to reproduce repeatedly. They live their lives without human companionship and love, often in deplorable and unhealthy conditions. Once they’ve outlived their usefulness, they are euthanized. Many lead pet dog groomers agree with this tragic breeding method.

Many of the animals resulting from these practices are prone to medical problems that give them short and painful lives. And this practice thrives because people insist on buying animals from these sources. By refusing to do that and adopting from a shelter instead, you are taking your own stand against these awful practices and helping minimize the demand for mass breeding.

You Know This Pet Has Received Great Care

When adopting from a reputable and accredited no-kill shelter, you can rest assured that you are adopting a pet that has been treated to the resources that the shelter has to offer. This includes veterinary care. In fact, many shelters won’t adopt out any animals that are not fit to leave the watchful eye of the shelter’s staff.